Marshall Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
(With the Cross of the Mannerheim)

Welcome to Finnish Military Guns. We specialize in the Finnish captured or built guns that were used by Finland in their 20th Century wars. The heroic efforts of this small country took on the Big Red giant of Russia during their Civil War, the Winter War and then the Continuation War. The information here will be based on those gun used in those conflicts. Finland's story of David and Goliath was one, that most Military historical enthusiast admire.

I first started my interest in these guns and these people when I attended U.S. Army Ranger School in the 1970s. I met a Finnish Officer who told me of their World War II battles. Later in the 1985 I purchased my first Finnish rifle. It was a 1944 VKT m/39. It was in poor shape but shot very well. I then started reading on other sites on the Internet and began a long study of these guns. I was fortunate enough to obtain the most definitive study in Military surplus guns I have ever read. The book, Military Small Arms in Finland 1918-1988 by the foremost expert in this field, Marrku Palokangas. This author is a gentleman and a scholar. I have met with him and he is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person in this field. He is now the Director of the Finnish War Museum in Helsinki, Finland. His book is what this and every other site on the Internet, as well as other books on this subject dealing with Finnish guns are based on.

In this site we will cover what these brave men used to secure the freedom of Finland. Everything here will be fact based and will be supported by evidence unlike some other sites on the Internet. No big egos here and if you find errors let us know. I hope you will enjoy this site as it will be updated often. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at my discussion forum at Mosin Nagants of the World or at my email address at RGRWJB@HOTMAIL.COM.